/ Linux Software Directory / Application / Communication
Bip - Send message to pagers using the Internet
Bitchx - Improved color IRC client with built-in scripts
Ckermit - The quintessential all-purpose communications program
Efax - Sends and receives faxes over class 1 or class 2 modems
Epic - Another popular Unix IRC client
Epic-help - Help Files and Documentation for EPIC
FaxMail - A program to send faxes for free via email and the TPC system
Gd2 - An program to communicate with Garmin GPS receivers
Gnomeicu - GnomeICU is a clone of Mirabilis' popular ICQ written with GTK
Gtkicq - GTK front-end to micq
Hexedit - Ncurses based HEX and ASCII file editor
Hylafax - Hylafax
Hylafax-htmldoc - Html documentation for hylafax
Hylafax-man - Man pages for hylafax
Hylafax-man-gz - Man pages for hylafax
Irc-pu - Irc-pu
Ircii-EPIC - Popular Unix Irc client
Ircii-EPIC3.004 - Popular Unix Irc client
Ircii-EPIC4 - Popular Unix Irc client
Ircii-EPIC4-help - Ircii-EPIC4-help
Ircii-help - Help Files and Documentation for ircii
Ircii-pana - Improved color IRC client with built-in scripts
Kxicq - KXicq is the KDE ICQ clone for Linux/Unix!
Licq - ICQ clone
Lrzsz - Lrzsz
Micq - Micq is an ICQ client for text mode unix
Minicom - TTY mode communications package ala Telix
Mmail - Reader OffLine
Ogftp - Omnigo/Unix file transfer program
Oginst - Unix/Omnigo GPK file installer
P3nfs - To mount the psion drives on your unix workstation
Pilot-link - USR Pilot to Unix transfer utilities
Qpage - QuickPage
Tf-beta - MUD/MOO/MUSH/etc. client
Tf-gamma - MUD/MOO/MUSH/etc. client
Tiff - Tiff
Tintin++ - TINTIN++ is a client program specialized to help playing muds
Tinyfugue - MUD/MOO/MUSH/etc. client
Tinyfugue-help - Help files for tinyfugue
Tinyirc - Tinyirc
Tkirc - A tcl/tk front end to ircII
Wmlicq - Licq is an ICQ clone written fully in c++ using the Qt widget set
Xringd - Extended Ring Daemon
Xtel-client - XTel client application
Xtel-server - Server part of XTel
Yagirc - Yet another gtk based IRC client
Zicq - Zicq is an ncurses based ICQ client for text mode unix