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Addressbook - Addressbook is a program to manage your addresses
DBD-Pg - Postgres
DBI-monitor - Interactive shell with readline for DBI
DBI-perl-bin - Perl Module
DICT - Dictionary protocol and client
Dbf2mysql - Dbf2mysql & mysql2dbf
Dbview - View dBase files
FreeWAIS-sf - An indexing and search engine
Freetds - Tabular DataStreamdatabase client
Gtksql - GtkSQL is a graphical query tool for PostgreSQL
Index - Index is a very simple flat-file database program
Interbase - Relational database management
Ldms - LDMS database management system and iLisp interpreter
Leap rdbms - relational database management system
Mkid - Mkid
Mpsql - Interactive Query Tool for PostgreSQL
MySQL - SQL database server
Mysql-DBI-perl-bin - MySQL Perl Interface
Mysql-bench - Benchmarks
Mysql-client - Client
Mysql-devel - Development header files and libraries
Mysql-perl - Mysql Perl Module
Mysql-perl-bin - Perl Module and mysqlaccess script
Mysql-perl-src - Mysql Perl Module
Perl-DBD-Pg - a PostgreSQL interface for Perl 5
PostgreSQL - Object-Relational DBMS
Postgres95 - Relational Data Base Management System
Postgresql-clients - Clients needed to access a PostgreSQL server
Postgresql-data - PostgreSQL initial database structure
Postgresql-jdbc - JDBC driver for PostgreSQL
Postgresql-perl - Perl interface module for Postgresql
Postgresql-pgaccess - Graphical user interface program for PostgreSQL
Rdb - Walt Hobbs Perl "RDB"
SQLForms - Visual form editor
Xab - X11-based address book
Xmbase-grok - Flat-file database with motif interface
Xmysql - X-Client for MySQL-Database
Xmysqladmin - X-Administration-Client for MySQL-Database