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Aee - An easy to use text editor
Celvis - Celvis
Cjoe - Cjoe
Cvim - Cvim
Dozer - Dozer
Elvis - Elvis VI Replacement
Elvis-X11 - Elvis VI Replacement
GIDE - Gtk-based Integrated Development Environment for C
GXedit - A multi-function text editor using GTK+
Gedit - GEdit is a small but powerful text editor for GNOME
Gnotepad+ - Simple but versatile editor for X11
Gvim - Gui for vim
Jed - A small fast editor
Jed-xjed - X version
Joe - Easy to use editor
Nedit - Motif/X windows GUI editor
Nedit-shared - Motif/X Windows GUI editor, shared executable requires motif
Nedit-static - Motif/X Windows GUI editor, static executable does not require motif
Vile - VI clone with extended capabilities and X11 support
Vim - Vim. The one and only
Vim-X11 - VIM with X-Windows support
Vim-athena - VIsual editor iMproved - athena
Vim-athena-glibc - GVim 5.0
Vim-athena-rhcn - VIsual editor iMproved - athena
Vim-ctags - Vim tagfile generator
Vim-enhanced - Vim. The one and only
Vim-motif - VIsual editor iMproved - motif (lesstif)
Vim-motif-rhcn - VIsual editor iMproved - motif (lesstif)
Vim-noX - VIsual editor iMproved - noX
Vim-noX-rhcn - VIsual editor iMproved - noX
Vim-xxd - Xxd: a nice hex dump utility
Wily - A simple, powerful, mouse-based text environment
Xcoral - Xcoral X based editor
Xcoral-docs - The documentation for xcoral, provided in HTML format
Xwb - X Windows IDE