/ Linux Software Directory / Application / Graphics
Acidwarp - Linux port of a DOS screensaver
Angela! - A mouse-driven graph-editor
Aview - Aview is an high quality ascii-art image(pnm) browser and animation(fli/flc) player
Bomb - Bomb
Camediaplay - Camediaplay download/control tool for digital cameras
Chemtool - Program for drawing organic molecules
Cqcam - Cqcam
Disgcl - Graphics command and language Interpreter
Dislin - Data plotting library
Dislin F - Data plotting library DISLIN for Linux Imagine F
Dislin af - Data plotting library DISLIN for Linux Absoft F77, F90
Dislin nag - Data plotting library DISLIN for Linux NAG F90/F95
Dislin vf - Data plotting library DISLIN for Linux VAST/f90
Fly - A command-line program for creating simple graphics
Freetype-demo - FreeType test and demo programs
Ghostscript-5.10-6-patch - 980714 patch for Ghostscript 5.10-6
Ghostscript-fonts - Fonts for the GhostScript interpreter
Ghostscript-fonts-other - Additional fonts for Ghostscript
Ghostscript-fonts-std - Standard fonts for Ghostscript
Ghostscript-manual-d - Ghostscript manual (German)
Ghostscript-manual-e - Ghostscript manual (English)
Giflib-progs - Programs for converting and transforming gif images
Giftrans - Converts and manipulates GIFs
Gimp - GNU image manipulation program
Gimp-plugins-unstable - Unstable plugins for the GIMP
GlideControl - GlideControl, a GTK-based 3Dfx configuration utility
Glpoisson - Displays some nice graphics and simulations using Mesa
Gs-hu - Hungarian Ghostscript supplementary package
Icotoxpm - Converts .ico format icons to .xpm format icons
Ifsdaem - A programm to do IFS
Ikit - Image Processing Kit
Jpeginfo - Prints information and tests integrity of JPEG/JFIF files
Jpegoptim - A utility to optimize/compress JPEG/JFIF files
Libgr-progs - Libgr utility programs
Libjpeg-progs - Simple programs for manipulating jpeg images
Mgp - An X11 based presentation tool
Moonlight creator - 3D modelling
Mpeg encode - Berkeley MPEG-1 Video Encoder
Mpeg2vidcodec - MPEG-2 Encoder / Decoder
POV-Ray - Persistence of vision raytracer
PerlMagick - PerlMagick
PhotoPC - Tool for manipulating some digital still cameras
Plotutils - GNU Plotting Utilities
Pnmtopng - Command-line converter between png and pnm image formats
Povray - Persistance Of Vision Rayracer
Povray-demos - Povray-demos
Ppm2ansi - Utility to convert ppm images to ansi
Ppm2ascii - Utility to convert ppm images to ascii
Sane-clients - SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) clients
Sceda - A patched version of sced, a three dimensional modeller
Sdts - Toolkit for reading and writing Spatial Data Transfer Standard
Vcg - The VCG visualization tool for compiler graphs
Vimage - Vimage
WebMagick - WebMagick
Whirlgif - WhirlGIF
XFPovray - Graphical interface to pov-ray
XFracky - Fractals renderer
Xfig - X11 drawing tool
Xpcd - X PhotoCD Viewer