/ Linux Software Directory / Application / Mail
Despam - Filter spam from incoming e-mail using procmail
Elm - ELM mail user agent
Emil - Email filter
Exmh - Exmh
Exmh-nmh - EXMH mail program
Exmh-rhcn - EXMH mail program
Expn - Probes email addresses through SMTP commands
Fetchmail - Full-featured POP/IMAP mail retrieval daemon
Fetchpop - Fetchpop
Getmsg - Getmsg
Icqmail - Icqmail 1.0a
Jmr - QWK Offline Mail Reader
MHonArc - A Perl mail-to-HTML converter
Mailcrypt - Interface to PGP in emacs
Mailcrypt-el - Uncompiled lisp sources for mailcrypt
Maildec - Mail decoder for binary-encoded files
Mailx - The "traditional" way to mail via shell scripts, etc
Metamail - Collection of MIME handling utilities
Nmh - New MH mail handling system
Pine - MIME compliant mail reader and editor with Hebrew support
Pinepgp - PGP filters for pine
Popclient - Popclient
Privtool - Privtool
Ream - An alternative mail reader
Vacation - Vacation, an automatic mail ansvering program
Wmf - Web Mail Folder (converts mailbox to web pages)
Xfmail-NeXT - A full-featured mail program using XForms and NeXT icons