/ Linux Software Directory / Application / Math
Algae - A High-Level Language for Numerical Analysis
Geg - A program for drawing two-dimensional mathematical functions
Gnuplot - Data plots under X, and for various printers
Hp67 - An ncurses-based HP-67 scientific calculator emulator
Jacal - Symbolic math system in scheme
Octave - A high-level language for numerical computations
Pari - A programmable calculator for number theory applications
Plotmtv - A multipurpose X11 plotting program
Plplot - PLPlot 2D/3D plotting library
Plplot4p99j - Plplot4p99j
Xmgr-dynamic - Numerical Data Processing and Visualization Tool (xmgr)
Xmgr-semistatic - Xmgr with statically linked Motif libraries
Yorick - Yorick
Yplot - Yplot 2D/3D interactive plotting package built on plplot and yorick