/ Linux Software Directory / Application / Sound
Acdc - Popular AUDIO Compact Disk player 4 LiNUX
Amp - Audio Mpeg Player (BETA)
Aumix - Curses based audio mixer
Awemidi - AWE32 MIDI Player for Linux
Bgm - Background music player
Cam - CAM Audio Mixer
Cdda2wav - Get WAV files from digital audio cd`s
Cdp - Full screen text mode program for playing audio CD`s
Cdparanoia - Utility to copy digital audio cd's
Cdrecord-cdda2wav - Get WAV files from digital audio cd's
Dcd - Command-line CD player
Freeamp - MPEG Audio Player
Gcd - GCD, a cd-player with a gtk+ interface
Gmod - A mod player for Gravis Ultrasound cards
Gom - Gom is nOt yet another Mixer
Grip - Grip, a CD player and ripper/MP3-encoder front-end
Icecast - Streaming MP3 server
Jol - Jol plays Amiga MOD files
Jukebox - Sajber Jukebox
Libcdaudio - Libcdaudio is a library for controlling CD-ROM devices
Maplay - Plays MPEG 2 audio files in 16 bit stereo
Mikmod - Sound module player
Mp3info - A small utility to read and write MP3 TAG and header info
Mp3menu - Simple interface to play mp3`s
Nas - Network Audio System
NetStreamer - An audio streaming server and transmitter programs
NetStreamer-client - NetStreamer client programs
Playmidi - Play midi files on FM, GUS, SB AWE32 and MIDI devices
Playmidi-X11 - X windows interface to MIDI sound player
Radio - Utility for the SB FM-Radio cards
Replay - Replay is a GPL'd MP3 player with a GTK interface
Ripit - RipIT MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3) CD Ripper
RipperX - RipperX is a graphical interface to cdparanoia & 8hz-mp3
Rosegarden - MIDI editor/sequencer
Saytime - A program that says the current time on /dev/audio
Shorten - Audio compression program
Sidplay - Music player and C64 SID chip emulator
SoundStudio - Tk sound editor, with record, playback, and mixer facilities
Sox - General purpose sound file manipulation tool
Splay - MPEG/Wave sound player
Splay-X11 - MPEG/Wave sound player for X
Timidity - Timidity
Timidity-instruments - Timidity-instruments
Timidity-patches - Timidity-patches
Tracker - Plays Amiga MOD sound files via /dev/dsp
Wave - Generate sound waveforms
Wavplay - Play wav files under Linux
Wavplay-X11 - Xltwavplay utility
Wavplay-noX11 - Play wav files under Linux
Xltcdplay - X LessTif CD Player
Xltmix - X LessTif based Mixer for SoundBlasters
Xltwavplay - X GUI front end to the wavplay applications
Xmp - Extended Module Player
Xmp3player - Mp3 browser
Xsidplay - Music player and C64 SID chip emulator for X11