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Acroread - Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 beta
Arrow - A mail program for X-Windows
AsWedit - AsWedit HTML and text editor for X Window System
Ascd - A CD player for Afterstep and Window Maker
Ascdc - The AfterStep CD Changer
Asmixer - The AfterStep Mixer
Cbb - CBB is a personal check book balancing utility for Unix/X
Code crusader - Code Crusader is a UNIX development environment for X Windows
Code medic - A UNIX debugging environment
Dc20 - Utilities for Kodak DC20 Digital Camera
Eplus - Small add-on designed to be used by Enlightenment users
Epscan - Epson ES1200 Scanner driver/GUI
Eterm-backgrounds - Eterm Background Archive
Explorer - Linux Explorer
Gtkzip - Program for maintaining your Zip drive disks
Hexcalc - An X11 mutli-radix calculator
Jcc - Jcc is a C/C++ code development environment for X Windows
Jstools - Suite of Tk-based applications with multi-mode rich-text editor
Karpski - A free ethernet protocol analyzer / sniffer
Lesstif-clients - Lesstif clients
Lesstif-current-clients - Lesstif clients
MEdit - X11 text editor
Mdb - Motif based Address and Phone book database manager
Mdb-static - Motif based Address and Phone book database manager
Mgv - MGv: A Motif PostScript Viewer
Ml-dynamic - A superior mail & news client supporting IMAP, POP3 and MIME
Ml-static - A superior mail & news client supporting IMAP, POP3 and MIME
Mlvwm - Macintosh-like Virtual Window Manager
Moxfm - A Motif alternative to xfm
OffiX-Clipboard - Drag and Drop clipboard
OffiX-Editor - Drag and Drop Editor
OffiX-Execute - Execution wrapper for non-X applications
OffiX-Files - Drag and Drop File Manager
OffiX-Printer - Drag and Drop Print Manager
OffiX-Trash - Drag and Drop Trashcan
Rxvt - A VT102 emulator for X
Seyon - X communications program for modems
Smirc - SmIRC binaries dynamically linked with Motif
Smirc-common - SmIRC files common to both the static and the dynamic versions
Smirc-static - SmIRC binaries statically linked with Motif
Staroffice-wrapper - Helps to install StarOffice 4.0 on RedHat
Titrax - Titrax
TkDesk - A graphical desktop manager
Tkinfo - Tk script to read and display GNU "info" files
Tkman - A graphical man page viewer
Ups - Source level C debugger that runs under X11
Vnterm - Vietnamese Color xterm
WM-li - Xli for Window Maker
WMRack - A WindowMaker Dock CD+Sound Applet
Webxref - Check links on your web site for validity
Workman - Very good X11 CD player
Xaos - A fast portable real-time interactive fractal zoomer
Xarclock - A modification to the standard clock widget
Xcdroast - Frontend for programs like "cdwrite" and "mkisofs"
Xfce - A Powerfull X Environment, with Toolbar and Window Manager
Xfm - X File Manager
Xfmail - A full-featured mail program using XForms
Xfractint - Fractal generation program
Xgfe - GUI for gnuplot
Xkeycaps - A keymap editor for the X window system
Xldlas - A basic statistical package for X windows
Xmcd - Motif based CD player
Xmmix - Motif based mixer for popular sound cards
Xnc - X Northern Captain (XNC) - filemanager for X Window
Xpdf - A PDF viewer for X
Xquote - An X Window System and web based stock quote retrieval tool
Xrn - X News Reader
Xsession - X session manager
Xspringies - X based simulation of masses on springs
Xterm-color - Ansi Color xterm
Xtide - A harmonic tide clock and tide predictor
Xwave - XWaver
Yrolo - Yrolo is a program for maintaining database for people`s name, address, phone number, email etc
Yudit - Unicode Text Editor
Yutex - Unicode Text Editor