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As31 - 8051 Cross-Assembler
Asl - Multi-target portable assembler
Basic - BASIC interpretor
Basic-c - Tiny BASIC interpreter with screen I/O
Bin86 - Real mode 80x86 assembler and linker
Bwbasic - BASIC Interpreter
Camlp4 - Objective Caml Preprocessor
Cim - Simula to C translator. Mother of all OO-languages
Clips - Clips language for expert systems
Clips-X11 - X interface to Clips
Clisp - Common Lisp (ANSI CL) implementation
Cpp - The C Preprocessor
Ctags - A multi-language source code cross-reference tool
Ctags-rhcn - C cross-reference tool
Cxx2html - Make HTML documentation from C++ sources
Dev86 - Development environment for ELKS-86 and standalone 8086 code
Egcs-c++ - C++ support for gcc
Egcs-g77 - Fortran 77 support for gcc
Egcs-libstdc++-devel - Header files and libraries for C++ development
Egcs-objc - Objective C support for gcc
Egcs-rhcn - Egcs compilation system
Egcs-rhcn-c++ - C++ support for gcc
Egcs-rhcn-g77 - Fortran 77 support for gcc
Egcs-rhcn-objc - Objective C support for gcc
Euscheme - Euscheme
Fish - FISh programming language (Functional = Imperative + Shape)
Fpc - Free Pascal Compiler
Fpk-pascal - FPK-pascal compiler
Gambit-c - A portable version of the Gambit Scheme compiler
Gcc-c++ - C++ support for gcc
Gcc-g77 - FORTRAN 77 support for gcc
Gcc-libc5 - GNU C Compiler
Gcc-libc5-c++ - C++ support for gcc
Gcc-libc5-objc - Objective C support for gcc
Gcc-objc - Objective C support for gcc
Gcl - GNU Common Lisp version 2.2.2
Gforth - Gforth
Gnat-docs - GNAT extra documentation
Gnome-objc - GNOME Objective C libraries
Gnome-python - Pygtk and pygnome source
Gpm2 - Gardens Point Modula-2 compiler
Graph - Ismene simulator for is32 architecture
Guile - GNU Extension language
Guile-core-devel - Guile`s libraries, header files, etc
Guile-devel - Guile's libraries, header files, etc
Gwydion-dylan - CMU`s Gwydion Dylan development tools
Harissa - Harissa Java-to-C compiler
Hp48cc - HP48 C compiler
Icon - The Icon Programming Language
Inform - Inform 6: A Design System for Interactive Fiction
Intercal - INTERCAL programming language
Ismene - Ismene simulator for is32 architecture
Itcl - Object oriented mega widgets for tcl
Jasmin - Jasmin is a Java Asssembler Interface
Jdk doc - Documentation for Sun's Java Development Kit
Jikes - The Jikes java compiler from IBM. [OPEN SOURCE]
Jikespg - The Jikes parser generator from IBM. [OPEN SOURCE]
Jre - Sun's Java Runtime Environment; Blackdown x86 Linux port
Kaffe-bissawt - Biss-AWT windowing toolkit for the kaffe Java VM
Kaffe-rhcn - A free virtual machine to run Java(tm) code
Lcc - LCC C Compiler
Libgcc - Library of GCC support routines
M2f - Modula-2 compiler and libraries for 80[3456]86 family
Mozart - Mozart, an efficient and distributed implementation of Oz
Mozart-contrib - Mozart contributions
Mozart-doc - Mozart documentation
MySQLmodule - Python MySQL module
Mysql-python - Python modules to support MySQL
Ocaml - The Objective Caml compiler and programming environment
Pgcc - GNU C Compiler with Pentium optimizations
Pgcc-c++ - C++ support for gcc
Pgcc-g77 - Fortran 77 support for gcc
Pgcc-libstdc++-devel - Header files and libraries for C++ development
Pgcc-objc - Objective C support for gcc
Pike - A language somewhere between Java, Perl and Python
Pike-devel - Header files for developing pike modules
Pike-manual - Pike v0.4 manual
Plt - Rice University PLT DrScheme
Plt-doc - Rice University PLT DrScheme
Pygnome - Python bindings for the GNOME libraries
Pygtk - Python bindings for the GTK+ widget set
Python - Very high level scripting language with X interface
Python-devel - Libraries and header files for building python code
Python-docs - Documentation on Python
Qb2c - Qbasic to C conversion
R-base - The R base distribution
R-contrib - Contributed packages for the R language
R-mlbench - Machine learning benchmarks
SCxx-examples - SCxx examples
STk - The STk Scheme System
Scm - Scm
Scm-cautious - SCM compiled for debugging
Scm-speedy - SCM compiled for speed
Slib - Description:
SmallEiffel - The GNU Eiffel Compiler and Libraries
Smalltalk - GNU smalltalk (No X or emacs support)
Smlnj - Standard ML of New Jersey (SML/NJ)
Tcltk - A Tcl/Tk development environment: tcl, tk, tix, tclX, expect, and itcl
Tclx - Tcl/Tk extensions for POSIX systems
Tix - A set of capable widgets for Tk
Tkinter - GUI interface for Python
Tya - TYA Java JIT for Linux
Ucblogo - Berkeley Logo interpreter
Umb-scheme - Scheme interpreter from U of Massachusetts at Boston
Xlispstat - An implementation of the Lisp language with statistics extensions
Xxd - Make a hexdump or do the reverse
Xxd-rhcn - Make a hexdump or do the reverse
Yabasic - Yabasic