/ Linux Software Directory / Game / Misc
Abuse - A really cool X/SVGA Game
Advent - More featureful classical adventure game
Adventure - Adventure
Agm - AnaGram Search
Asteroids - Asteroids
Blue - Blue Moon solitaire (text mode)
Christminster - Text adventure game for use with xzip
Colour-yahtzee - Colour tty yahtzee
Crafty - A free chess program, plays decent game of chess
Crafty-book - Opening Books for Crafty
Crafty-small-book - Crafty is a chess program
Crafty-start - Crafty`s example openings
Crossfire maps - Role-playing graphical adventure game
Cthugha - Cthugha
Dontspace - Dontspace solitare game
Doom - DOOM for Linux Consoles & X-Windows
Empire - Empire Wolfpack Game Server
Fortune-cs - Database of the Czech and Slovak fortune cookies
Fortune-mod - Fortune cookie program with bug fixes
Fridge - The GNU Virtual Fridge
Frotz - An interpreter for all Infocom games
Gnugo - GNU Go
Gnushogi - Shogi
Hatman - Pacman clone with raytraced graphics
Heretic - Heretic for Linux
Jive - Jive
Jzip - Z-code Interpreter Program
Klondike - Klondike solitare game
Koules - SVGAlib action game with multiplayer, network, and sound support
Koules-sound - Sound files for koules and xkoules
Koules-svga - Koules-svga
Koules-x11 - Koules-x11
Linux Games - File archive of linux games
Maelstrom - Astroids-style game for X Window System or Linux Console
Mastergear - The Sega MasterSystem (Mark 3) and GameGear emulator
Mastergear-16bit - The Sega MasterSystem (Mark 3) and GameGear emulator with 16-bit colour support
Mastergear-svgalib - The Sega MasterSystem (Mark 3) and GameGear emulator using SVGAlib
Mysterious - Brian Howarth's Mysterious Adventure Series
Netris - Netris
Pacman - Pacman
Pinfocom - Interpreter for Infocom compatible text adventure games
Pmars - Pmars
Powwow - A client to play MUDs
Quotes-r-us - Fortunes from the Quotes `R` Us project
Sabre - SABRE Fighter Plane Simulator
Scavenger - A games similar to Lode Runner
Scottfree - Interpreter for Scott Adams format text adventure games
Tclrobots - TclRobots is a programming game, similar to `Core War`
Thrust - A gravity skill/action game
Tkfibs - Graphical front-end to the FIBS (First Internet Backgammon Server)
Trojka - Falling blocks game similar to xjewels or t*tris for curses
Tt-meista - Tetris for terminals
Vga cardgames - Card games for the linux console
Vga gamespack - Various mind games for Linux SVGAlib
Wordplay - Wordplay
Xgoban-wally - Xgoban and wally