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Affenspiel - A simple puzzle game
Blackjack - X windows based blackjack game
Cosmo - Cosmo Gang the Puzzle
Crossfire - Role-playing graphical adventure game
Crossfire-client - Client for connecting to crossfire servers
Crossfire-client-gtk - GTK client for crossfire
Crossfire-client-sounds - Sound effects for the crossfire game
Crossfire-maps - Role-playing graphical adventure game (maps)
Crossfire-server - Utilities usefull for running a crossfire server
Freeciv-client - Civilization client
Freeciv-server - Civilization Server
Gtetrinet - Tetrinet
Lincity - LinCity is a city/country simulation game for X and Linux SVGALib
Nethack-qt - A RPG for X-Windows
Pente - Five in a row varient for X or console
Wormz - Silly network multiplayer game
Xamigo - Port of the Amiga Go program AmiGo
Xblast - A multi-player arcade game for X11
Xblast-tkXBlast - XBlast configuring made easy
Xkoules - X action game with multiplayer, network, and sound support
Xmahjongg - An ancient chines board game
Xzip - X windows interpreter for Infocom format text adventure games