/ Linux Software Directory / Ham Radio / Node
Awznode - AX.25 and NET/ROM support utilities.
Ax25-apps - Applications to use with kernel AX.25 support (kernel 2.2)
Ax25-lib - Ax25 library (see also Lib-ax25 package)
Ax25-tools - ax25-tools
Ax25-utils - AX.25 and NET/ROM support utilities.
Axdigi - AX.25 Cross-port digipeater
Dual - Link Interface in FreeBSD
Flexnode - Node with flexnet support
Fpac - packet radio node
Jnos - Another version of KA9Q
Libax25 - The new Library for kernel AX25
Linuxnet - High speed packet radio Digipeater system
Lxjn - Linux version of JNOS
TnT - TNT - Hostmode Terminal Program
Tnn - TheNetNode packet node software
Tnos - KA9Q-variant TCP/IP program
Wampes - net/nos port to several flavors of Unix