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Afio - Archiver program which writes cpio-format archives
Afio-rsh - Archiver program which writes cpio-format archives
Arc - Arc archiver
Bchunk - CD image format conversion from bin/cue to iso/cdr
Brik - Generates and verifies checksums
Btoa - Encode/decode binary to printable ASCII
Burt - Backup and recovery tool
Bzip - Efficient compression program
Bzip2 - A block-sorting file compressor
Cpio - GNU cpio archiving program
Dds2tar - Dds2tar
Fmirror - Mirror directories from ftp servers
Freeze - Freeze archiver and compressor
Ftpbackup - Ftpbackup utility: backup to/restore from ftp server
Gzip - GNU gzip file compression
Hypermail - Convert mail archives to WWW pages
Iavazip - The iavaZIP a 100 0xbffffd90ure Java ZIP utility
Lha - Lha archiver for UNIX
Lzop - A real-time file compressor
Ncompress - A fast compress utility
Pax - POSIX File System Archiver
Pkzip - The PKZIP Compression Utility for Linux x86
Rar - The RAR Archiver 2.50 beta
Sitesearch - The SiteSearch a 100 0xbffffd90ure Java HTML search engine
Tar - GNU Tape Archiver (tar)
TkZip - A graphical archive manager similar to WinZip
Tob - Tob
Unarj - Decompressor for .arj format archives
Unrar - Decompressor for .rar format archives
Unsit - Extract/list files in a Macintosh Stuffit archive
Unzip - Unpacks .zip files such as those made by pkzip under DOS
Uudeall - Processes a file containing many uuencoded files
Vmsbackup - Vmsbackup
Wormdat - NFS Server for WangDAT 2000 SCSI tape drive
Yabba - Y and AP compression filters
Zip - Creates PKZIP(tm)-compatible .zip files
Zoo - File archiving utility with compression