/ Linux Software Directory / Tool / Network
3c5x9utils - Configuration and diagnostic utils for 3Com 5x9 cards
Amanda - A network-capable tape backup solution
Apachecfg - Apache configuration tool
Archie - Archie FTP database search client
Aub - Assemble Usenet Binaries
Bind-chroot-utils - Host, dig, dnsquery, nslookup
Bind-utils - Host, dig, dnsquery, nslookup
Bing - Measures bandwidth between two point-to-point connections
Binkd - FTN mailer over TCP/IP
Bootpc - Bootpc, a client to get networking info from bootpd
Cmu-snmp-devel - CMU SNMP development libs and headers
Cmu-snmp-utils - CMU SNMP utilities
Comanche - COnfiguration MANager for apaCHE
Dents - nameserver
Dhcp-client - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Client
Dhcpd-client - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Client
Dip - Dip modem dialer
Epan - An offline protocol analyzer
Epan-static - An offline protocol analyzer (statically linked version)
Ewhost - Ewhost contains an improved version of 'host'
Ewping - Ewping contains an improved version of 'ping'
Ewtraceroute - Ewtraceroute contains an improved version of 'traceroute'
Ewvrfy - Ewvrfy contains 'vrfy' that checks email addresses and mailing lists
Eznet - EZnet ppp connection manager
Fake - Switches in redundant servers using arp spoofing
Fping - Checks if multiple machines are alive
Fwhois - Finger-style whois
Geturl - Geturl
Gnudip - Dynamic DNS server package
Htdig - A web indexing and searching system for a small domain or intranet
Icmpinfo - Tool for looking at the icmp messages received on a running host
Ip-tools - Various ip-tools
Ipac - Ip traffic analysis and accounting
Iptraf - Ncurses based LAN monitor
Ipxping - The ipxping utility
Isdn4k-utils - Utils for the isdn subsystem
Isdn4net - Networking with the isdn subsystem
Junkbuster - The Internet Junkbuster v2.0
Junkbuster-blank - The Internet Junkbuster v2.0
Krb5-workstation - Kerberos programs for use on workstations
Mgetty-sendfax - Support for sending and receiving faxes via a faxmodem
Mgetty-voice - Support for modems supporting voice mail
Mon - Parallel Service Monitoring Daemon
Mtr - Network diagnostic tool. Combo of traceroute and ping
Mvm - Minimal voice mail system for use with mgetty+sendfax voice
Net-tools - Tools for controlling the network
Netdate - Allows setting system time from across a network
Netkbd - Network Device Rx/Tx Monitor
Netload - Displays the network load
Netpipes - Manipulate BSD TCP/IP stream sockets
Netsaint - Program that will monitor hosts and services on your network
Nltools - NLMaint, the FidoNet nodelist maintenance package
Nmap - Network exploration tool and security scanner
Nolce - Off-line Netscape`s cache browsing
Openldap-clients - Lightweight Weight Directory Protocol development clients
Pavuk - Pavuk WWW Graber
Portslave-cistron - A RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Server) client program
Queue - Load-balancing/batch-processing environment and local rsh replacement
Radiusd-cistron - Radius Daemon
Rdate - Remote clock reader (and local setter)
Rdist - File distributor - maintain files on multiple machines
Ripe-whois - RIPE whois
Ripe-whois-tools - The RIPE version of the whois client program + other tools
Rlpr - Remote printing utilities
Runsocks - Socks5 shared library and launcher to use with any network application
Samba - SMB file server
Scotty - Tcl Extensions for Network Management Applications
SetNTdate - Remote Windows NT clock reader (and local setter)
Sitecopy - Copy web site files to server by ftp
Slirp - TCP/IP emulator for a shell account
Smbmount - Smbmount
Sniffit - Program for demonstrating the unsafeness of TCP
Socks - SOCKS V4 proxy server and clients
Spak - Packet sending tool
Statnet - Monitoring network activity
Tcpshow - Prints dump files created by tcpdump
Traceroute - Traces the route packets take over a TCP/IP network
Trafshow - Network traffic monitoring utility
Urlmon - URL monitor
Uwatch - User watch
Vnc - Virtual Network Computer
Vrfy - A small program for verifying an email address
WWWstats - WWWstats: build detailed statistics for a WWW server
Wdsetup - Configuration utils for Western Digital and SMC ethernet cards
Whois-murple - Murple's whois
Wwwcount - WWW Homepage Access Counter
Xdir - LLNL XDir ftp client
Xeznet - XEZnet GUI for EZnet
Yp-clients - NIS (YP) clients
Yp-tools - NIS (YP) clients
Zephyr - Zephyr distributed messaging system
Zephyr-server - Files necessary to run a zephyr server