/ Linux Software Directory / Tool / System
Aboot - Bootloader which can be started from SRM console
Acua - Access Control and User Administration
Adduser - User creation program
Adjtimex - Kernel clock management
Agetty - Agetty
Apmd - Advanced Power Management (APM) BIOS utilities
Autorpm - RPM Auto-Installer or FTP Mirrorer
Autoupdate - Keeps one or more Red Hat Linux systems current on updates
Autoupdate-client - Client side for the autoupdate program
Awesfx - AWE32 Sound Driver Utility Programs
Binstats - An administration utility
Bogomips - Standalone BogoMIPs benchmark program
Bpowerd - Power Control Program for Best Patriot UPS
Caching-nameserver - Installs the config files to start your own caching namserver
Calendar - Appointment calendar
Cdrdao - Write audio CD-Rs in disk-at-once mode
Cdrecord-mkisofs - Creates a ISO9660 filesystem image
Cdtool - Powerful command line CDROM player and tools
Cdwrite - Utility for writing CD-Recordables
Cfengine - Cfengine helps administer remote BSD and System-5-like systems
Check-packages - Watches for changes between RPM database and actual system
Chos - Choose OS (Alternative Boot loader)
Cld - Call Logger daemon
Clobberd - A user/resource regulator to monitor users
Clock - System clock tool
Dailyscript - Create daily summaries of system activity from system logs
Dcf77time - DCF77 radio clock information for LINUX
Defrag - Linux filesystem defragmenter
Diskcheck - Watches for hard drives that fill up
Dosfsck - Creates a DOS FAT filesystem on a device
Dotfile - Dotfile configuration utility
Dotfile-bash - The Dotfile Generator bash module
Dotfile-elm - The Dotfile Generator elm module
Dotfile-emacs - The Dotfile Generator emacs module
Dotfile-ipfwadm - The Dotfile Generator ipfwadm module
Dotfile-procmail - The Dotfile Generator procmail module
Dotfile-rtin - The Dotfile Generator rtin module
Dotfile-tcsh - The Dotfile Generator tcsh module
Dump - Dump/restore backup system
Elftoaout - ELF to a.out conversion utility
Enigma - Enigma and makekey
Ext2ed - Ext2 filesystem editor for hackers *only*
Ezmlm - Ezmlm
Ezmlm-idx - Ezmlm-idx
Fan - Fan allows you to turn the internal fan of a Toshiba laptop on or off
Fdisk - Hard disk partitioning tool
Fdutils - Programs for dealing with floppy disks
Flops - Benchmark to estimate MFLOP (scalar floating point) rating
Freshrpms - Fetch RPM packages from FTP servers which are newer than the ones installed on your system
Fsgrab - Get blocks from an (ext2) filesystem on Linux
Fstool - File System Configuration Tool
Ftape - Ftape-4.02
Gcal - Extended calendar with highlighting, holidays, etc
Generic-NQS - Generic NQS queueing utility
Genpower - UPS battery support for a variety of UPS's
Genromfs - Genromfs
Getty ps - Getty and uugetty
Glibc-utils - Miscellaneous utilities available with glibc
Glint - Graphical Linux INstallation Tool
Glitter - Text-mode RPM tool
Gmemusage - Graphics memory usage meter
Hdparm - Utility for setting (E)IDE performance parameters
Helptool - Simple Help File Searching Tool
Hotkey - Hotkey displays the battery save and power-up mode on a Toshiba laptop
ISO-8859-2-console-fonts - ISO-8859-2 console fonts
Info - Standalone tty based reader for GNU texinfo documents
Info2html - Info to html converter
Info2www - The GNU Info Node to HTML Gateway
Iozone - IO Zone Benchmark Program
Ipchains - Firewall admin tool
Ipchains-scripts - New (2.1.1xx) IP firewall and accounting scripts
Ipfwadm - IP firewall and accounting administration tool
Iproute2 - Advanced IP routing tools
Irqtune - IRQ Priority Optimizer
Isapnptools - Programs to configure ISA Plug-And-Play devices on a linux machine
Jaztool - Iomega Jaz Tool for Linux
Joystick - Joystick module
Jpeg2ps - Jpeg to EPS wrapper
KBackup - Easy to use yet powerful backup package
Kbd - Keyboard and console utilities for Linux
Kernelcfg - Kernel Configuration Tool
Knl - Linux kernel configuration utility
LPRng - A next-generation printing system for UNIX
Ldconfig - Creates shared library cache and maintains symlinks
Lfu - Copy file hierarchy
Libgc - Boehm-Demers-Weiser garbage collection library for C and C++
Lilo - Boot loader for Linux and other operating systems with color extensions
Liloconfig - Liloconfig
Linuxconf-gui - GUI frontend for linuxconf
Linuxconfwrapper - Let linuxconf ignore locale
Lm sensors - Hardware health monitoring
Lm sensors-2.0.36-modules - Kernel modules for various buses and monitor chips
Lm sensors-modules - Kernel modules for various buses and monitor chips
Loadmeter - X windows system load meter device information
Logcheck - Logcheck system log analyzer
Logwatch - Analyzes system logs (for RHL5)
Losetup - Programs for setting up and configuring loopback devices
Lpplus - LP Plus Unix Print Management System
MAKEDEV - Script to make and update /dev entries
MAKEDEV-C - Script to make and update /dev entries
Macformat - Writes a macintosh formatted disk in a few seconds
Magicfilter - MAGICFILTER is a customizable, extensible automatic printer filter
Man - Manual page reader
Memtest86 - Memtest-86
Metash - Common configuration file for all shells
Mgetty-newfax - RedHat Linux scripts for handling inbound faxnewfax is a simple package that provides scripts for handling of inbound
Mingetty - A compact, console-only getty
Minlabel - Creates and edits Berkeley style disk labels
Mkdosfs - Creates a DOS FAT filesystem on a device
Mkdosfs-ygg - Creates a DOS FAT filesystem on a device
Mkhybrid - Creates an hybrid ISO9660/Joliet/HFSISO9660 filesystem image
Mkinitrd - Makes an initial ramdisk
Mkisofs - Creates a ISO9660 filesystem image
Mkkickstart - Makes a kickstart description file for a machine
Mktemp - A program for safely making tmp files
Modemtool - Configuration tool for /dev/modem
Modules - Module utili ties and kerneld
Modutils - Loadable modules support
Moodss - Modular Object Oriented Dynamic SpreadSheet
Mount - Programs for mounting and unmounting filesystems
Mt-st - Control magnetic tape drive operation (mt)
Mt-st-rsh - Control magnetic tape drive operation (mt) with rsh ability ala GNU tar
Mtx - Mtx controls the robotic mechanism in DDS Autoloaders
Netcfg - Network Configuration Tool
New control panel - Bug-fixed control-panel, penguin XPM for start button
NiceTool - A daemon to keep your CPU under your control
Nslint - A lint program for DNS files
Password - Autopassword. An automatic password generation utility
Pciutils - Linux PCI Utilities
Pinfo - Przemek's Info Viewer
Plp - PLP Printing Package
Powerd - Monitor an UPS through serial line, tcp port or file
Printtool - Printer Configuration Tool
Procinfo - Prints system information fromfiles under /proc
Procmeter - System activity meter
Procps-update - Update the ps database of kernel offsets
Purp - A ncurses-based RPM-handler
Pwgen - Password Generator
Qmeter - Status led-stat meter LED toys display hardware-hack
Quota - Quota administration package
Quota+acct - Quota+acct
Quota-rpc - Quota daemon
Raidtools - Foo
Rhbackup - Red Hat Backup Utility
Rhmask - Generates masks between two files and can use the mask to restore files
Rhs-printfilters - Red Hat Print Filter System
Rhupgrade - Program that helps you do hand upgrades of your RH system
Rinetd - Internet ``redirection server``
Rj45 - RJ45 Connector Information
Rman - Rman
Rmt - Remote (network) tape device access
Rpm - Red Hat Package Manager
Rpm-es.mo - Fichero rpm.mo en castellano
Rpm-updates - Automatic rpm updates tool
Rpm-utils - Keeps one or more Red Hat Linux systems current on updates
Rpmfind - Locate and transfer automatically RPM using HTTP and an RDF database
Rpmverify - RPM verification script that runs once a month
Rungetty - A getty for running a specific program, based on mingetty
Sac - System ACounting
Sched-h-bug - Fix bug in libc-devel include files
Scsidev - Lets you access your SCSI devices easily
Scsiinfo - Display information about installed SCSI subsystems
Sentry - Port Scan Detector
Serialmail - Serialmail
Setconsole - Switches a system between local video and serial consoles
Sh-utils - GNU shell utilities
Shadow-utils - Shadow password file utilities for Linux
Shapecfg - Traffic shaper device configurator
Siggen - Signal Generator
Sliplogin - Login program for SLIP
Splitter - Command-line utility
Sps - Show process status (simple ps)
Star - Solid, POSIX compliant tar implementation
Statserial - Displays status of the serial lines in a terminal
Su1 - Root command executor
Sudo - Allows command execution as root for specified users
Super - A program to allow normal user to perform root tasks
Survey - A program to list your system configuration files
Svpw - Svpw enables the setting of a supervisor password on a Toshiba laptop
Swatch - System log watcher and alarm
Synaptics - Synaptics TouchPad configuration tool
Sysnews - Display new system news at login
Time - GNU time Utility
Timetool - Time and Date Configuration Tool
Tksysv - X/Tk based SYSV Runlevel Editor
Tmpwatch - Cleans up files in directories based on their age
Tob-rsh - Tape Oriented Backup - A utility which makes backup management much easier
Tob-rsh-config - Configuration files for tob - Tape Oriented Backup
Tripwire - Verifies file integrity
Tunelp - Configures kernel parallel port driver
Update-client - Client side for the autoupdate program
Updated - Update Daemon for Linux (and possibly other Unixen)
User - Display Users
Useradd-ns - Useradd & friends for non-shadow systems
Usercfg - User and Group Configuration Tool
Usernet - GUI application for users to control network devices
Util-linux - Miscellaneous utilities for Linux
Utok - Unique TOKens
Wusage - Wusage
XFormat - Easy to use yet powerful backup package
Xcin - Xcin package contains a Chinese input server and a modified rxvt
Xload - Display graphically a system load
Xlogmaster - Quick & easy monitoring of logfiles and devices
Yamm - Yet Another Micro Monitor
Ziptool - Tools for Iomega JAZ and ZIP drives
Zoneinfo - Time zone utilities and data