/ Linux Software Directory / Tool / Text
2UTF - Translates char-sets and decodes MIME
A2ps - Text to Postscript filter
Agrep - Tool for fast text searching allowing errors
Ascii - Interactive ASCII name and synonym chart
Aspell - Aspell is an Open Source spell checker
Cdlabelgen - Generates frontcards and traycards for CDs
Codeconv - Hungarian code converting utility
Cxref - C Cross Referencing & Documenting Tool
D2u - Unix <-> dos text converter
Dbanner - Yet, another banner. With various fonts
Dcalc - DCALC is a simple curses based RPN calculator
Diffstat - Provides diff file statistics
Display-dhammapada - Displays a verse from the Dhammapada
Dos2unix - Text file format converter
Dox - Dox is a rtf/html/txt document converter
Enscript - GNU enscript
Eperl - An extension to perl that turns itinside out (useful for HTML scripting)
Faces - Face saver database tools
Faces-xface - Utilities to handle X-Face headers
Figlet - Figlet
Figlet-fonts - Fonts for figlet
Flip - Newline conversion utility
Gecko - Newt-based linuxconf front end
GetoptLong - Universal Command Line Processing for Perl5
Glimpse - Glimpse indexing and query system
GlimpseHTTP - A web interface to the glimpse search engine
Grep - GNU grep Utilities
Hk2-deutsch - German dictionary for ispell
Hpgl2ps - Convert hpgl (HP Plotter) and Roland dxy files to PostScript
Html-strip - Html-strip
Html2sgml - Html2sgml
Isearch - Isearch text search engine
Ispell - Interactive spelling checker
Ispell-francais-IREQ - Dictionnaire francais pour le correcteur orthographique ispell
Ispell-language-nederlands - Dutch dictionary for ispell
Ispell-norwegian - Interactive spelling checker
Jade - Parser and tools for SGML + DSSSL
Libwmf - Libwmf, library to convert wmf files
Locale - Tools for manipulation locale definition files for other languages
Makepatch - Generate and apply patch kits
Mawk - Mike`s New/Posix AWK Interpreter
Most - SLang based pager
Msort - Hungarian sort program
Mswordview - MSWord 8 binary file format -> HTML converter
Nenscript - Converts plain ascii to PostScript
Par - Filter for reformatting paragraphs
Perl - Practical Extraction and Report Language
Perl-Data-Dumper - Perl Data-Dumper module
Perl-HTML-Parser - Perl HTML-Parser module
Perl-MIME-Base64 - Perl MIME-Base64 module
Perl-SGMLSpm - Perl library for parsing the output of nsgmls
Perl-libnet - Perl LIBNET module
Perl-libwww - Perl LIBWWW module
Perl4 - Perl4
PerlTk - Tk modules for Perl
Pstotext - Postscript to text converter
Recode - GNU recode
Rispell - New Russian dictionaries for ispell
Ruby-GD - GD ext-module
Ruby-manuals - Ruby`s manuals
Sed - GNU Stream Editor
Sp-devel - Development files for SP, a C++ SGML parser library
Sp-jade - James Clark`s DSSSL style language engine
Sybperl - SybPERL, PERL with Sybase OpenClient lib compiled in
TestPerl - Test module for Perl
Textutils - GNU Text Utilities
Tidy - HTML parser and pretty printer
Tkxcd - Tk xcleardiff (Atria ClearCase) look-a-like
Tofrodos - Converts text files from CR/LF to LF, and vice-versa
Translit - Translit
Unhtml - Cleans HTML tags out of a text file or input stream
Unix2dos - UNIX to DOS text file format converter
Wdiff - Display word differences between text files
Word2x - Word2x convert word 6 documents to another format
Words - English dictionary for /usr/dict (UK spelling version)
Xchange - Utility to convert UNIX text to DOS and vica versa