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Asclock - The AfterStep Clock
Asmail - Mail notification program (much spiffier than xbiff)
Asmodem - Afterstep/WindowMaker Modem app
Aterm - Terminal emulator in an X window
Bclock - Bezier Clock for X11
Buici - Xlib implementation of an attractive, configurable clock
Cdrdao-xcdrdao - A very early version of the Gtk-- based GUI xcdrdao
Chos-X11 - Visual Chos
Chos-rebooter - Graphical Addon for Choose-OS
Cnice - Examine and modify colors in the default colormap
Coolmail - Coolmail mail notification utility
Crxvt - 8-bit clean, colour cxterm replacement
Dclock - Digital Clock
Dpsftp - DPS-FTP is a clone of Bulletproof Software's Bulletproof FTP
Dpsftp-static - DPS-FTP is a clone of Bulletproof Software's Bulletproof FTP
Exim-X11 - X windows based Exim administration tool
Fakebo - Fakes trojan servers and logs incoming requests
Fsviewer - FSViewer is a NeXT FileViewer lookalike for Window Maker
Fvwm95-utils - Fvwm95-utils
Gcombust - Gcombust is a GTK+ frontend for mksisofs and cdrecord
Gdict - Client for MIT's dictionary server
Genscheme - Windows 95/NT 4 (TM) color scheme to Un*x translator
Gentoo - Gentoo is a Gtk+ file manager for Linux
Gfontview - A font viewer for Type 1 and TrueType fonts
Gftp-static - GFTP is a multithreaded FTP client for X Windows written using Gtk
Gnome-linuxconf - GNOME linuxconf front end
Gpasman - A personal password manager
Grun - GRun is an advanced application launcher written in C and GTK
Gsox - Gsox
Gtkfind - A graphical file finding program
Hcalc - DJ's Hex Calculator
Jex - Jex, the programmer's editor
Kftp - Kevlar FTP is a clone of Bulletproof Software's Bulletproof FTP
Kwebwatch - A utility designed to periodically poll web sites for changes
Lxb-examples - Lxb examples
Mgdiff - Mgdiff is a graphical front end to the diff command
Mgetty-viewfax - X11 fax viewer
Minihelp - Tcl/Tk integrated help environment
Mixer.app - A simple, nice looking mixer application
Mkxauth - Red Hat X Authority Utility
Moonclock - Traditional oclock with moon phase hacks
Mouseclock - Displays time using root cursor
Mpegplay - MPEG Video Software Decoder
Panel - CDE button bar
Pkgbuild - RPM package Development environment
Pkgview - Views installed RPM packages and installs new packages
Pppload - Qt based PPP load monitoring tool
Qps - A visual process manager
Rclock - Rclock (ouR CLOCK) -- clock and appointment reminder for X
Stopwatch - Simple stopwatch for X11
Sunclock - X11 clock that displays current day/night status on a world map
Timers - Multiple timers for X11
Tkcomm - Telnet Manager
Tkdiff - TkDiff is a graphical front-end for the standard Unix diff utility
Tkgoodstuff - A X desktop utility
Tkps - Tk graphical interface to `ps`
Tkwho - Graphical frontend to the who, ps, and finger commands
Tycoon - Desktop Icon Manager with Drag and Drop Support
Unclutter - Unclutter
VisualTcl - Tcl application development environment
WmMoonClock - Moon phases info for Window Maker/AfterStep
WmSpaceWeather - Space radiation monitor for Window Maker/AfterStep
WmWeather - Applet that displays the weather
Wmcdplay - CD player applet
Wmclock - The AfterStep Clock for Window Maker
Wmifs - WMiFS is a complete network monitoring dock.app,
Wminet - Inetd monitoring WindowMaker dock applet
Wmitime - Standard and Internet Time clock applet
Wmload - WindowMaker load gauge
Wmmail - Wmmail is a "mail-checker" like xbiff
Wmnet - Applet that monitors the network
Wmpinboard - Window Maker dock applet resembling a miniature pinboard
Wmsysmon - Window Maker/AfterStep memory/swap/IO/uptime/ints monitor
Wterm - Transparent xterm/rxvt variant with WindowMaker menus
X11-locales-th - X11 ressources for localization (Thai)
Xabacus - An abacus for X
Xact - RGB color table editor
Xamp - A Qt based mp3 player
Xautolock - Screen lock launcher
Xbmbrowser - View and manage X bitmap and X pixmap files
Xbuffy - X-based multiple mailbox biff
Xcalendar - Simple calendar tool with notebook
Xcb - X cut buffers for cut and paste selections
Xcctool - X window system compiler utility
Xchrom - A CHROMACHRON or color clock for X
Xcmd - Front-end for starting programs under X11
Xcol - Three dimensional colormap viewer
Xcolormap - Display current X colormap
Xcolorsel - Xcolorsel
Xcpustate - X windows snapshot performance monitor
Xcutbuff - Manipulate the 8 default cut buffers in X
Xdefmap - Enhanced X standard colormap utility
Xdisk - A disk usage meter similar to xload
Xdu - Graphically display output of du command
Xfsft - X font server whith support for True Type Fonts
Xfsm - X based file system monitor
Xfstt - X Font Server for *.ttf fonts
Xgrabsc - X screen grab tools
Xitalk - Xitalk X "Talk Interceptor"
Xless - Text file viewer for X11
Xli - X image loading utility
Xlockmore-GL - X terminal locking program with many screensavers
Xlogin - Program to display motd and to take care of utmp and wtmp at X logins
Xmaddressbook - A X11/Motif based Address Book program
Xmail - Xmail
Xmailbox - X based Mail notification tool
Xman - An X based manpage reader
Xmclock - A clock that displays metric time
Xmotd - A message-of-the-day browser for X11 and dump-terminals
Xnet - Network load average display
Xosview - X11 util for viewing system resources
Xperfmon++ - A performance monitor for Linux with X Window System and /proc
Xplaces - Print command lines for running X applications
Xprompt - Prompt a user for input
Xrpm - Xrpm
Xruskb - Program for switching two keyboard layouts
Xruskbd - Xruskbd
Xrwho - An X Window based version of rwho
Xsar - System activity reporter for X
Xse - Interface to XSendEvent
Xselection - Xselection
Xshutdown - Shutdown and reboot buttons for xdm
Xsysinfo - Display bar graphs o f system load
Xtalkinfo - Similary to xbiff shows incoming TALK connections
Xtar - Xtar
Xticktalk - Clock that displays time as a text phrase (eg: "Three Twenty-Eight pm")
Xtoolwait - Starts an X program and waits for its window
Xwhirl - The xwhirl screensaver
Xwhois - X Windows Whois Tool
Xwhois-static - X Windows Whois Tool
Xwit - Window interface tool
XwmMenu - Small X based utility to simplify Window Manager selection
Xwpick - Efficient X screen grabber
Xzap - X process zapper
Xzoom - Xzoom
Ycalc - An enhanced calculator for X11