/ Linux Software Directory / X11 / Amusement
Blast - Blast
EMusic - Sound player for the Enlightenment window-manager
EmiClock - Hyper animated face analog clock for X11
Floatbg - Floatbg
Gmod-xgmod - A Qt based mod player for Gravis Ultrasound cards
Illust - Illust Logic Paint-by-number based on Gtk+
Multimedia - A CD player and audio mixer for X11
Oneko - Small cat chases cursor
Raplayer - RealAudio player
Rvplayer - RealPlayer
Swisswatch - Swisswatch
Synaesthesia - Light show accompanyment to music
Tk3play - Mpeg layer 3 player with tk interface
XBanner - Spruces up the standard xdm interface
Xantfarm - Animates X11 root window with a simulated ant hill
Xfishtank - Turns your X root into an aquarium
Xflip - Xflip
Xgas - Animated simulation of an ideal gas
Xgmod - A Qt based mod player for Gravis Ultrasound cards
Xjokes - X 上のジョークソフト
Xlife - A cellular-automaton laboratory
Xmartin - Uses hopalong algorithm to decorate root window
Xmountains - Xmountains is a X11 based fractal landscape generator
Xoj - O.J. Simpson Simulator
Xphoon - Sets root window to picture of moon in current phase
Xroach - Displays disgusting cockroaches on your root X window
Xsnow - Xsnow will spread Christmas cheer on your X display
Xtacy - Weird graphics effects for X
Xtea - Administrate distribution of tea and other commodities
Xtraceroute - A graphical, OpenGL based, traceroute