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The DXSpider DX cluster system is written in perl 5.004 running under Linux as an exercise in self-training for both protocol research and teaching myself perl.

What is a DX Cluster?

DX Cluster is a means for Amateur (Ham) Radio operators to tell each other, in realtime, about DX stations (other interesting or rare Amateur Radio stations all over the world).

To quote what is probably the most comprenhsive source of DX Cluster related information, the DX PacketCluster WebNet, a Cluster is:-

One station is set up with PacketCluster and is linked to one or more other stations who have installed the software. These nodes when connected are called a cluster. Clusters are connected to clusters, expanding the network. Individual users connect to the nodes on a frequency different from what the node stations are linked on. Users are capable of announcing DX spots and related announcements, send personal talk messages, send and receive mail messages, search and retrive archived data, and
access data from information databases among its many features.

It's a rather specialised (and not as robust) form of IRC really.

The original package runs under DOS and was created by Dick Newell AK1A but is no longer under active development. Most replacements also run under DOS and/or are closed source. I wanted something in open source (so I don't have to do all the work) and for Linux.
Home page:http://www.dxcluster.org/main/index.html
Author:Dirk Koopman <djk@tobit.co.uk>
Maintainer:Dirk Koopman <djk@tobit.co.uk>
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