Multimon - Use a standard PC soundcard as a shortwave data "modem"

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Description:This software allows a standard PC soundcard to be used as a shortwave data "modem". The whole processing is done on the main processor CPU.The HF software is split into two parts. The hfkernel handles the HF protocols, but has no user interface. It provides a UNIX domain socket (so it can be easily switched toINET domain sockets in the future, when the need arises to separate the terminal software frLinux Radio Transmission Decoder

The multimon software can decode a variety of digital transmission modes commonly found on UHF radio. A standard PC soundcard is used to acquire the signal from a transceiver. The decoding is done completely in software. Currently, the following modes are supported:

1200 Baud AFSK
2400 Baud AFSK (2 variants)
4800 Baud HAPN
9600 Baud FSK (G3RUH)
512 Baud
1200 Baud
2400 Baud
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