Oscope - Digital Oscilloscope via Sound Card and/or ProbeScope

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Description:x*oscope is a digital oscilloscope using input from a sound card and/or a Radio Shack ProbeScope. Features include 8 simultaneous signal displays, 1 us/div to 20 ms/div time scale, built-in and external math functions including inverse, sum, diff, avg, xy, and FFT, 23 memory buffers, 5 automatic measurements, and file save/load.
Home page:http://xoscope.bstc.net/
Author:Tim Witham <twitham@pcocd2.intel.com>
Maintainer:Tim Witham <twitham@pcocd2.intel.com>
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Section maint.:Erwin Lemmers (pe1nmb) <elem@kabelfoon.nl>
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