qsstv - Slowscan television using a sound card

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Description:What it does

- Soundcard support via standard /dev/dsp (tested on Soundblaster 16, GUS Max, ES1371)
- Uses DSP-Quadrature mirror-filters for FM detectection
- Samplerate of 8KHz.
- Tested on Pentium 120 MHz /32 MB RAM and higher.
- Receive modes:
Martins 1 and 2
Scottie 1 and 2
Wraase SC2 180

VIS -code support
Sync and Non-Synced operation
- Transmit
Martin 1 and 2
- Rx-Images and Tx-Images in separate directories
- Adjustable compensation for soundcard clock inaccuracy.
- Fully customizable banner (on/off)
- Timestamp on transmitted picture (on/off)
- 6 thumbnail picture in transmit window
- 1750 Hz tone button to start repeaters
- Save/Load pictures in different formats
- Text can be added even when transmitting
Home page:http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/on1mh/qsstv.html
Author:on1mh <on1mh@csi.com>
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Section maint.:Erwin Lemmers (pe1nmb) <elem@kabelfoon.nl>
Timestamp:2003-09-15 22:03 UTC

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