Rgrep - Recursive grep utility

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Description:a recursive `grep` utility that can highlight the matching expression, by the author of Jed. (from rpm description)
Filter list:*|*|*|rgrep*
Section maint.:SecRobot
Timestamp:2003-09-15 22:03 UTC

$ W՛[6)ڷ`Hv[ڧqq+dC^.&b$Vڝ%8`&kg 6 gk] {ҙe_i "`a¢p?g2XXx4 Kכ \[׿V)vJo' ځgf5Ьh#@i$AjY>#1;Kj{ {P;ns!?\15VE%FtP9%yU~PX3 MXo6Ϭz3ɞs- 8/1zWȤ2ayPf~27Vړ(\"cIUV&/˺lG2K=:߿ܠuW1h}wu 6Onu,]ku)lF;3~5vؙSm#PC0QF-jں:܈ VPo ˒azVS۫Hh~H.Аj 5kW3~`;)ދju+3*-dgv8-͇R23l]aVhCG˥)=(QrЖeo<'Gq'q'-b>LK%7٤66]@SEozew&d]/V0'G b;}= ӧU-b' I_*)$Y;,jb|MeOb!>]2;$-RtI#X9,f%ԡO{ʓQw^^+Fݱ1\|񁣳}tUYVO)m N&H ɨ"#HISR*SQ _04~`=R"r dVV+SU es= 1fj#~*mEtC媢f)Vո֟6Iqu|xqͺ xO3 jr/->]ho d8NRZjfC<2*/3M$X[fMNmGghXFS'*B{}#THw N~P+npF*O_Ϧv,j&]?
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