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Description:XASTIR - X Amateur Station Tracking and Information Reporting Project

Brief history
This project started about the beginning of July 1998, Hopefully it will continue to a version of my own GPS Tracker. I have seen a little bit of APRS[tm] for DOS and WINDOWS. I have not installed them as of yet. I do have a fairly good idea of what they do and how they work. I have also heard that there was a version that did run on another UNIX variant. I have seen very little of this version on the net, links usually lead to information about the JAVA APRS[tm]. JAVA APRS[tm] is a great program, but I really wanted a X version that had the controls and commands like the OS specific ones. I now felt the need to take my programming skills out and do something for the Linux-HAM community. At this point you may be wondering why? Well I thought it would be a neat and challenging project!

The Future
My plans for the future, Well I need to start with a full functioning program. First I will be working to include all the basic functions. My immediate work will include the TNC interface, filtering and tracking stations. In the end I would like to include the server software in this version so you to can broadcast your connections via the net. Another use for this program will be the connection of command and control software for the Edge of Space Sciences (EOSS) High Altitude Balloon Group.
Home page:http://www.eazy.net/users/fgiannan/linux/
Author:Frank Giannandrea <fgiannan@eazy.net>
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