Xldlas - A basic statistical package for X windows

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Description:Xldlas is an X11 based statistical application with graphing, regression analysis, curve fitting using genetic algorithms, and some other useful stuff. It was inspired by a non-X11 statistics program called ldlas, which stood for ldlas, damned lies, and statistics. So, I guess xldlas stands for x ldlas, damned lies, and statisitics. Xldlas uses the xforms package. This RPM distribution assumes you have release 0.86 or newer. Xldlas is the work of Thor Sigvaldason, <thor@netcom.ca>. For more information, see the xldlas man page, the online tutorial, (accessed from the help menu at the upper right), or the xldlas home page at: . (from rpm description)
Home page:http://a42.com/~thor/xldlas
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Timestamp:2003-09-15 22:03 UTC