Xmbdfed - Motif-based BDF, Linux console (PSF, CP, and FNT) font editor

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Description:XmBDFEditor is a Motif-based BDF font editor with the following features: o Multiple fonts can be loaded from the command line. o Multiple fonts can be open at the same time. o Cutting and pasting glyphs between fonts. o Multiple glyph bitmap editors can be open at the same time. o Cutting and pasting between glyph bitmap editors. o Automatic correction of certain metrics when a font is loaded. o Generation of XLFD font names for fonts without XLFD names. o Update an XLFD font name from the font properties. o Update the font properties from an XLFD font name. o Font property editor. o Font comment editor. o Supports unencoded glyphs (ENCODING of -1). o Display of glyph encodings in octal, decimal, or hex. o Builtin on-line help. o Imports PK/GF fonts. o Imports HBF (Han Bitmap Font) fonts. o Imports Linux console fonts (PSF, CP, and FNT). o Imports Sun console fonts (vfont format). o Imports fonts from the X server. o Imports Windows FON/FNT fonts. o Imports TrueType fonts and collections. (from rpm description)
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Section maint.:SecRobot
Timestamp:2003-09-15 22:03 UTC

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